Change web video forever

Add layers of multi-media content into your videos


Storygami lets you add extra multi-media content into your videos to increase viewer retention and engagement. Standard features include image galleries, articles and profiles plus many more

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    Google Maps

    Bring the power of Google Maps right into your videos!

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    Viewers can now access full length articles and text files without leaving your video

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    How about throwing in an extended interview, a deleted scene or a related video playlist?

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    Click on the name tags of people within a video to find out more about them

They said...

  • _port_virgin

    "Our series was transformed from a linear story into something viewers could explore without leaving the video player. Viewers can click on peoples’ names to discover their stories, or on tags to mini-videos that delve into more detail, or even to vote for product prototypes they like the most. The ability to pull a Twitter feed into the video itself was also a big draw as a great way to drive social engagement with our series." Ernestina Hall - Virgin Media

    Virgin Media

  • wired_logo

    "Storygami reinvents online video with seamless, interactive, storytelling tech. It provides the opportunity to create snappy and timely news video, while still allowing the broadcaster to incorporate context from an archive of related stories or broadcasts."

Heidi LindvallClassic