• Let's Change Web Video Forever

    What Is Storygami?

    Storygami helps content creators add interactive elements to their online video. We use our own pioneering HTML5 in-house editor to overlay elements such as text articles, maps, image galleries and external videos to help engage and retain audiences.


    Our Online Editor

    We're also working on developing an online editor where anyone can use our technology to create interactive video content. In the meantime we're partnering with major brands to explore digital storytelling and how we can use Storygami in the best way possible.

Our Services


We collaborate with brands and agencies to develop sophisticated interactive experiences for audiences and communities

Bespoke Interactive Videos

We offer a range of interactive elements designed to engage audiences in calls to action or subscription drives as one-off videos

Branded Content

We have an in-house production team that can collaborate with creators to bring interactivity to web series and long form content


Frank Rose | Digital Anthropologist

“Storygami has the potential to revolutionise the way we create and experience video – which is to say, the way we tell stories.”

Our Approach

HTML5 Interactive Video

Our approach to interactive video uses cutting edge HTML5 frameworks to develop sophisticated interactive elements for use with any online video. Our features provide ways for video creators to monetize and keep audiences engaged with their content. Storygami focuses on improving three key areas: audience retention, deeper engagement and the ability to bring context to your content.

Our Core Principles

Who are you inspired by? For us at Storygami it comes back to the things that captured our imagination as kids. People, places, heroes and heroines - great stories that shifted our perspective in some way. Stories that made us see the bigger picture. People, companies and products that left the world a better place and great works that made a dent. We're inspired by boldness and creative endeavour, the will to push past boundaries and keep pushing thereafter. What we're inspired by are those companies that have set their own standards and made the first jump themselves so that others could follow. We aim to do the same.
  • Storytelling First

    We're storytellers ourselves and so we want to help other content creators tell smarter stories that help spark discovery for our audiences.

  • Leave An Honest Footprint

    How we do business matters - bottom line. We'll be sure to keep honest by engaging in a conversation with our customers every step of the way.

  • Innovation & Aesthetics

    Let's get beyond novelty. Technology is cool but attention to detail and the love of design matter just as much in a visual medium.

  • Invest In Talent

    We believe in nurturing talented and passionate teams and will always invite people to join us if we think they have what it takes to be part of our story.








Our Founders

Heidi and Guy are the leadership team behind Storygami. They are graduates of Virgin Media's entrepreneurship scheme in the UK and in 2012 received the backing of Sir Richard Branson. Pioneering their own technology Heidi and Guy released the flagship web-series On The Line in partnership with Virgin Media in 2013.

Our CEO - Heidi Lindvall

Standard bearer and manager, Heidi takes pride in her dedication to business ethics.

Our CCO - Guy Gunaratne

Ideas man and video expert. He has spoken at forums around the world on digital storytelling and new media.