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The Messenger

Reeling from the death of his son, a down-on-his-luck rancher witnesses a random murder that pits him head-to-head with a blood-thirsty outlaw! Royce Blood had everything he wanted

ISBN10 : 9781628739855 , ISBN13 : 1628739851

Page Number : 176

Men Of Violence

John Henry Cole worked for years in Cheyenne, Wyoming-first as a policeman, and later a detective. He enjoyed the work, despite its dangers, but it was time for a change. So he dec

ISBN10 : 9781470861612 , ISBN13 : 1470861615

Page Number : 226

Ride The Man Down

John Henry Cole, working as a deputy US marshal out of Judge Isaac Parker’s court in Fort Smith, Arkansas, was on assignment in the Indian Nations when he was shot and seriously

ISBN10 : 9781504787789 , ISBN13 : 1504787781

Page Number : 258

Blood Storm

Business lately has been deadly for Ike Kelly. Recent unexpected gunplay has whittled his detective agency down to a single operative: a man named John Henry Cole. Cole is the only

ISBN10 : 9781632209139 , ISBN13 : 1632209136

Page Number : 352

Winter Kill

The winter around Cheyenne, Wyoming, is devastating, killing both people and livestock. John Henry Cole lives three miles out of town on his small ranch, where he waits out the sto

ISBN10 : 9781504725743 , ISBN13 : 1504725743

Page Number : 220