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#Dispatches: Hong Kong Rising | Dispatch One


DISPATCH ONE: Friday 27th June 2014

Storygami is now in its testing phase. We’re stretching its capabilities in the only way we know how – being bold and by telling good stories. It’s a hugely exciting time for us, as it means we get to use Storygami how myself and Heidi, the founders of Storygami, wanted to use in from the very beginning – telling stories that matter about our world – with context.

The work we do in Hong Kong over this next week will give us some invaluable insight into how valuable bringing context to stories on the ground can be. It will be the first time our beta tool will be used in the field, which means we’ll get to see how using our tool holds up in the most stressful of circumstances. Expect a blog post, a report and more over the next month. But here it is – our first dispatch (one of four) for #Dispatches: Hong Kong Rising.

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Get in touch if you would like to beta test layered video.

admin#Dispatches: Hong Kong Rising | Dispatch One
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