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Breaking Point

From the New York Times bestselling author of THE FORTUNE HUNTER Andrea Yates, a suburban Houston mother of five, horrified the nation on June 20, 2001, when she dialed 911 and sai

ISBN10 : 9781626818217 , ISBN13 : 1626818215

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Cradle Of Death

Ten Babies. Eight Murders. One Woman to Blame: Their Mother In March of 1949, a healthy baby boy named Richard Noe entered this world. Thirty-one days later, he left it -- found de

ISBN10 : 9781429997058 , ISBN13 : 1429997052

Page Number : 256

Oh Florida

Oh, Florida! That name. That combination of sounds. Three simple syllables, and yet packing so many mixed messages. To some people, it's a paradise. To others, it's a punchline. As

ISBN10 : 9781250071200 , ISBN13 : 1250071208

Page Number : 336