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I Feel Angry

Young children experience many confusing emotions in their early years and I feel Angry looks at the emotion anger, in light-hearted but ultimately reassuring way. This picture boo

ISBN10 : 0750214031 , ISBN13 : 9780750214032

Page Number : 32

Feeling Angry

Harry is great at helping others deal with anger. He helps his dad keep cool when his dad is running late for work, soothes his sister's tantrums, and calms down his angry friend u

ISBN10 : 1631982516 , ISBN13 : 9781631982514

Page Number : 32

Anh S Anger

When Anh becomes angry and says hurtful things, his grandfather tells him to go to his room and sit with his anger, which allows Anh to feel better. Based on teachings about mindfu

ISBN10 : 9781888375947 , ISBN13 : 1888375949

Page Number : 40

Angry Dragon

When a little boy is told "no" one too many times, his tantrum transforms him into a giant dragon bent on destruction, but luckily even angry dragons calm down eventually.

ISBN10 : 0618474307 , ISBN13 : 9780618474301

Page Number : 29